Hawaii – Last Day

Last day in Hawaii – rats. Especially since we started the day by checking the temp – 85 degrees here, 35 degrees (and snow!) in Seattle! Wow!

We went to dinner at the original Roy’s, not that far from Waikiki – and I highly recommend a nice dinner there if you are ever in Hawaii – great service and great food.

That meant a sorta late night on Thursday – so on Friday I took a quick jog around the lagoon to say goodbye, helped tidy up a bit, and off to the airport where the good folks at TSA took the avocado. I don’t know if they thought the avocado was a weapon or a health risk – but I bet they enjoyed it as a snack later on!

When we landed in Seattle, we headed out to Newcastle to pick up our dog – and hit a snowstorm. Ouch. From run on the beach weather to snow was hard to take – but Hawaii was pretty fantastic – so I’m not complainign!


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