North Shore, Hanauma Bay and Surfing!

We headed out to Turtle Bay on Wednesday and had a great time. The snorkeling was fantastic – really big and colorful fish, coral, nice hot sun.

I could get used to this – especially since we stopped for a snack (edamame with garlic among other things). And a grass skirt. Now some people might feel a little unmanly with a big glass of fruity drink, but not me. What’s not to like about fresh pineapple, fresh mango and fresh coconut? Oh. And rum!

On Thursday we headed to Hanauma Bay, a preserved area. The parking was terrible, the hike up the hill was hot and long, the line to get in was wretched, the walk down to the bay was long.

But the sea turtle we saw (three in fact) were marvelous, as was the coral and the multi-hued fish. And the fresh fruit plate and sandwich was also pretty tasty!

On the way home we stopped for groceries at FoodLand, and Puja grilled up a feast – chicken, prawns, peppers, pineapple (of course), and smashed potato!

This morning Blugh and I had a surf lesson with Girls Who Surf. Much better than the nearest competitors, Firefighters Who Surf. Who had 20 people they were teaching, while Blugh and I shared an instructor.

We both had several good rides, the water was nice, our instructor Jenny was fun and a good teacher. I can’t wait to get back in the water!

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