A Windy 19

Frank and I headed out for a 19.2 miler this morning armed with high-tech gear (fancy technical clothes, a belt to carry water, no cramping pills, and more) and hit the hill down to Fremont at 9:00 Am sharp.

It was a tougher run than last week – and I’m not sure why. Last week – I felt like it could have been race day -was chipper and springy, even on the hill. Maybe it was because Puja came along on her bike, and carried water and stuff so we didn’t have to. Or maybe it was warmer. Or maybe the steady climb each week from a long run of 10 miles all the way up to 19 has taken a toll.

In any case – neither Frank nor I felt great – but that didn’t stop us from finishing at an 8 minute pace (including the 2.6 miles from Gasworks back up to the condo) and it sure didn’t stop me from my 4th ice bath of the season.

That’s right – finish running, drink some chocolate milk, sit in a tub of ice. It’s a bit brutal – but it significantly eases the damage on your muscles. Follow it up with some Pho from the Thanh Brothers in Ballard (where every meal starts with a cream puff) and you’ve got yourself a pretty good day!


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