17 and Ice

Just back from a 17.2 mile run. Given that I live on top of a ridge – that means that the first 2.5 miles are easy, and the 2nd 2.5 miles – not so much!

I was nervous before heading out – I’ve been running with my brother Frank – but he’s been away – so for the last 3 weeks – each of us has had to go it alone – Frank running here in Seattle while I ran the Los Gatos Creek Trail, and then Frank running in Munich while I ran the Burke Gilman trail, and then (get this!) Frank running the treadmill at Heathrow while I ran – you guessed it – the Burke Gilman Trail!

In any case – it was a pretty good run. I took it easy on the way out, and this time (unlike last weekend) carried a bottle of www.gleukos.com with me. I have to say – so far – I recommend it highly. I don’t recommend having to carry the water bottle, mind you, but having the liquid and the energy was great.

I managed just about an 8 minute pace on the way out, and turned it up a bit on the way back – I needed to make up a bit of time to get ready for the hill on the way home. It was a tad windy, too – and both ways. I know that sounds impossible -but – really, it’s true.

The BGT winds and wends its way around – and so – sometimes (as Mark Knopfler would say) you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

So – i was the bug for a few miles each way. But when I hit the hill on the way home – I felt surprisingly good, and managed to get home in just 90 seconds more than on the way DOWN the hill. So – all good.

So good in fact, that I stopped at the 7-11 and bought two 7 pound bags of ice, stepped into the tub with them and cooooled down a bit. All the way down to 96 degrees, as a matter of fact. And before you laugh and the visual, I’ll have you know that that really is the only way to ice your butt, quad, calf and hamstrings muscles!

Oh. And chocolate milk makes a great recovery drink. And meatloaf and mashed potatoes a great post run dinner!

Next week – 18!


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