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March 31, 2008

Hawaii Pictures

Okay – so my phone camera isn’t great – but you can still take a peek at some Hawaii pictures!
March 31, 2008

Hawaii – Last Day

Last day in Hawaii – rats. Especially since we started the day by checking the temp – 85 degrees here, 35 degrees (and snow!) in Seattle! Wow!

We went to dinner at the original Roy’s, not that far from Waikiki – and I highly recommend a nice dinner there if you are ever in Hawaii – great service and great food.

That meant a sorta late night on Thursday – so on Friday I took a quick jog around the lagoon to say goodbye, helped tidy up a bit, and off to the airport where the good folks at TSA took the avocado. I don’t know if they thought the avocado was a weapon or a health risk – but I bet they enjoyed it as a snack later on!

When we landed in Seattle, we headed out to Newcastle to pick up our dog – and hit a snowstorm. Ouch. From run on the beach weather to snow was hard to take – but Hawaii was pretty fantastic – so I’m not complainign!

March 28, 2008

8 miles an hour

After the day at the Bay I decided to do another Ko Olina loop – about 5 miles or so. This time I started into the wind and ran harder. I felt surprisingly good and while I didn’t have a running watch the speed signs (three of them) told me I was running in the 8 mile per hour range. I finished with the wind at my back (which made it hotter!) but finished about two minutes better than last time.
Tomorrow we start the long trek home – but I’ll try and get another 3-5 miles in the morning.

March 28, 2008

North Shore, Hanauma Bay and Surfing!

We headed out to Turtle Bay on Wednesday and had a great time. The snorkeling was fantastic – really big and colorful fish, coral, nice hot sun.

I could get used to this – especially since we stopped for a snack (edamame with garlic among other things). And a grass skirt. Now some people might feel a little unmanly with a big glass of fruity drink, but not me. What’s not to like about fresh pineapple, fresh mango and fresh coconut? Oh. And rum!

On Thursday we headed to Hanauma Bay, a preserved area. The parking was terrible, the hike up the hill was hot and long, the line to get in was wretched, the walk down to the bay was long.

But the sea turtle we saw (three in fact) were marvelous, as was the coral and the multi-hued fish. And the fresh fruit plate and sandwich was also pretty tasty!

On the way home we stopped for groceries at FoodLand, and Puja grilled up a feast – chicken, prawns, peppers, pineapple (of course), and smashed potato!

This morning Blugh and I had a surf lesson with Girls Who Surf. Much better than the nearest competitors, Firefighters Who Surf. Who had 20 people they were teaching, while Blugh and I shared an instructor.

We both had several good rides, the water was nice, our instructor Jenny was fun and a good teacher. I can’t wait to get back in the water!

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March 25, 2008

Seven Miles an Hour

That’s what the sign said when I ran past it – you know – the signs that tell you how fast you are driving? I consoled myself by thinking that I could be running 7.1 miles an hour or 7.9 – probably though, somewhere in between.

I opted for a run at dusk which was WAY better than on Saturday when I ran in the heat of the day.

I was reminded of a trip I took to Lake Powell – I was running in Ko Olina, and my only option that didn’t include driving or running along the highway was to run up and down every side street! That’s what makes me think of Lake Powell – there are so many nooks and crannies on that lake that I was told that the Lake Powell circumference exceeds that of the coastal United States. Ko Olina isn’t that big – but I did get in a 5 miler and I didn’t turn up any of the hilly streets!

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March 25, 2008

Waikiki Zoo and Dolphins

We headed out to the dolphin place yesterday – and while the dolphins were really spectacular, the rest of the place was just so-so.

But the dolphins really were spectacular – Puja and Blugh had a dolphin encounter which was fantastic – they had a dophin ride, had a fair bit of hands on time with the dolphins, and the pictures show it. Carla and Marika and Dana also had dolphin pictures while Bill and I took pictures. Ours didn’t turn out so well – but the ones that the park took were outstanding!

We drove in to Waikiki which was a zoo – and I mean that! Crazy traffic, wall to wall people, barely a free grain of sand. No worries, though- we headed to Duke’s for a quick snack (which meant shrimp and margaritas) and then headed for home!

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March 23, 2008

Manoa (and the rain!) Falls

Another tough day here on the Island – Blugh delivered lattes at 6:30 we had fresh pineapple for breakfast and I was swimming laps in the ocean by 9.

A couple of hours later we drove towards Waikiki to hike to Monoa Falls. It started to rain as we started but it was warm – I haven’t been in a tropical rainstorm before and it was terrific even though we got drenched.We decided to hike up anyway, and I’m glad we did – the foliage was lush’ the birdsong overhead soothing and melodic, and the waterfall just a mile up a gentle hill. The trip down the hill was a bit slippery but not bad, and the sun was back out.

I’m a grill away from diner!

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March 22, 2008

A Whale of a Time

The baby whale came completely out of the water – a display of exuberance like none I’ve ever seen. And the two parents cleared the water, too, and landed with a clap as loud as thunder. Gallons and gallons of water moved – it was stunning, thrilling, fantastic.

They were so close that we could see the barnacles affixed to their skins, and the muscles in their neck as they flung themselves out of the water.

It was magnificent – and Puja and Blugh captured it on film!

After that, the boat ride was merely outstanding – good food, a cheerful crew, snorkeling.

Not a bad day to be in Hawaii.

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March 22, 2008

Run Time in Hawaii

Whew! Hot, windy, highway (the front desk looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to run for two hours) and no water. It was sometime between in terms of time, if you get what I mean – am not yet on Hawaii time but not on Seattle time either!

However – that’s my last long run for the week – so now I’m down to swimming and short runs!

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March 21, 2008

Hawaii Day One

Not much to report save for that the weather is warm with a cool breeze. We’re staying at Ko Olina – a pair of pools and great beach acess. Next: Lunch a swim and a run!