16 And Change Along The Burke – and Ice!

Just a week ago, I ran the Los Gatos trail in the company of my sister, my girl, my brother-in-law, and my nephew. At the same time, my brother Frank was running in Seattle on his own.

This week- Frank tagged his 16 miles in Munich, a day or two early, while I ran from Phinney Ridge down to the Burke, and out and then back and up.

  • Did I mention up?
  • Did I mention the lack of good company?
  • Did I mention the lack of food and water?
  • Did I mention the 15 minutes in the ice bath? Ouch!

All in all – a pretty good run. Turns out it is just a tad more than 2.5 miles from my house to Gas Works Park – there’s 5. So I just had to head out another 5.5 miles before turning around. It went okay – it was a bit windy in spots – but the way back was fine up until I hit Fremont and had to run up the hill. It’s not an awful hill – but arriving at 14.5 miles isn’t exceptionally pleasant – and there are a LOT of lights – so it is start and stop.

I made it home, hobbled over the the 7-11 to buy a pair of bags of ice, and settled into my first ice bath since I ran the Boston Marathon in 2005.

Ice bath’s start ugly, get better, and then finish ugly. You might think that it’s the, ahem, tenderest part of your body that suffers the most, but it’s not – it’s your feet! And your feet (achilles, calf muscles) really need to be in the ice water. As do your quads, hamstrings, glutes . . .

I managed a not so pleasant 15 minutes before I cried uncle – but I have to say – 8 hours later – muscles feel much better for the ice!

Next week – 17!


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