A Year of Running

2007 was a pretty good year for running and other exercise – not as speedy as some of the years that have already passed – but pretty good. Some fun numbers:

I ran 568.75 miles, swam 83.681 yards (that seems high – better check the auto calc on that one!), rode 412 miles, and was in the gym for just about a day – 26 hours.

I ran 152 times, which is pretty good. Most of those were in the 3-4 mile range, save for a few that happened as I was getting ready for longer events – and I had some fun events in 2007!

  • Beat The Bridge (my annual race!) marked the first time in years that my brother and I were able to revisit this race after a 10 year hiatus. We finished in a very respectable time – top .06% overall, and .11% in our age group.
  • We also ran the Mountains to Sound relay race again – a 13.1 mile race for me. We lived up to our name and were faster than last year, each of us – but so was the rest of the field! Nevertheless – I finished at a 7.09 pace.
  • And I ran my first tri, along with my girl and some friends. I was faster in the swim than I expected, and slower everywhere else! That’s okay – it was my first one – and I’ll be back next year!
  • And Frank and I ran the Seattle Half as a training run – very cold that day – but we still finished in the top .21% overall – and that was just a training run.
  • I rounded out the year with a pair of holiday runs – the Jingle Bells Dash – where I finished in the top .03% overall (and .03% in my division – geez – I have a tough division!) and the 12K’s of Christmas – also a training run for me and Frank – and we finished that in the top .09% overall.

Pretty good. We’re gearing up for a marathon in 2008 – so we’ll see what the new year will bring!


2 Comments to “A Year of Running”

  1. Paco – you\’ve gotta work on your percentage calcs. 🙂  I\’m pretty sure you finished in the top 3% in the Jingle Bells dash – not the top .03%!!! 🙂

  2. Hmm. I\’ll have to check. I\’m pretty sure you\’re right – I think it is just the decimal that is the problem – 03% is what I meant – I\’d hate for someone to see that written as 3% and accidentally add a zero to the end!

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