Sinkhole on the Beach

It’s the end of the year and I’m away at the coast – it’s wild and stormy out – but still – I’m not working, we’re just relaxing and enjoying the view. But I always feel like this is also an opportunity to clock a few more miles before the end of the year- so I try to run at least twice a day – three times would be perfect. (I’m not hinting that we’re eating a lot, no, not at all).

So I ran this morning – it was about 52 degrees  but WET! Rainy, windy and waves and whitecaps on the beach. I was able to make it partway up the trail that connects Arch Cape with the Oregon Coast Trail – I’d run some of it last year and wanted to see it again. It had been raining so much that I couldn’t go far or fast – much of the trail was mud and busy rivulets of water.

So I came home, had lunch, relaxed, was thoroughly beaten in a game of cards  – and went for my second run along the beach. Not as windy this time, but still raining. Still – it was nice to be on a soft surface. About a mile in, I scrambled over some rocks and saw another long expanse of beach. It’s been raining so hard that there are streams that are flowing to the ocean in the strangest of places – and I was happy that I was going to be able to keep running. I hit the firm sand and made it about 10 yards and fell into a sinkhole or something – I was immediately in water up to by waist, and although I was slowing – my next step took me to my knees and I ended up wet to my chest.

Which resulted in a few choice swear words and an immediate reversal to head for the dryness of home. Kind of fun – the water wasn’t that cold, all things considered – and I HAD been planning on a swim at some point anyway!


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