Jingle Bell Dash

Just back from the race – so cold out that it snowed as we came out of the tunnel!

And a SLOW start, too – the organizers did a pretty good job with many things – but not so great with some of the run logistics. For example – the "fast" wave was 8 minutes per mile or better – which really means that the 9 and 10 minute milers that don’t time themselves figured that was their wave, too. And the next wave (from an 8 minute to a 9:40 per mile pace) doesn’t accommodate anyone that runs near a 10 minute pace – so there were a lot of walkers and runners of too many speeds interspersed throughout all of the waves.

For me, that means both a slow start, which is a bit annoying, as well as danger, which is alarming. Add in the strollers and dogs on leashes (both not allowed but there in abundance anyway) – and the first mile or more is pretty nerve wracking!

I finished in just under 21 minutes – a 6.45 pace. And Puja and Suzanne and Olivia all ran, too – which was terrific!


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