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December 27, 2007

Run, Swim, Eat

Frank and I managed to get to the track (Franklin, which is great – nice and cush) where we did some laps on the track. We ran a mile to calibrate our foot pods, ran another mile (I’d adjusted mine but got the same results!), ran a 5k, then calibrated. Whew. And we beat the nasty weather, which was great.
I was still in my running gear when my girl came home -so we headed to Greenlake for a lap around the lake – a total of 9 miles for me. Good deal.
Today was a swim day – I swam more than I expected when a rude individual schlepped into my lane, passed after about 4 laps, and then slowed down! I spent the next 800 meters tickling his toes until he finally got out of my way!
December 24, 2007

Third Time The Charm

No sinkhole today – but the beach was wet and so are my shoes  -but I managed a run for every meal (this time I ran before dinner) – so – I’m set! Time to start baking an apple pie –  but I have to finish my Bailey’s and chocolate first!
December 24, 2007

Hug Point

Tun number two is in the bag – up Hwy 101 to Hug Point, where I did my best to get on the beach – but it’s high tide – so I didn’t really have anywhere to go. I was able to get close to the water, though  – and it felt good to stretch my legs. The whole time – I was thinking of the warmth of our little rental spot and the eggplant parmigiana that was in the oven! Maybe a beer with lunch!
December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve on the Coast

Off to a good start this morning – a 2 mile run in the DRY weather, my sourdough bread rose in the fridge last night and will be ready for baking soon, I’ve a cup of hot coffee, and I’m looking forward to an additional pair of runs today!


Cozy couches make a good getaway.


An ocean view doesn’t hurt, either.


Or some of my favorite things – my girl, (reading to one of our favorite toddlers), my guitar, my dog, my running shoes, and my guitar!


December 23, 2007

Sinkhole on the Beach

It’s the end of the year and I’m away at the coast – it’s wild and stormy out – but still – I’m not working, we’re just relaxing and enjoying the view. But I always feel like this is also an opportunity to clock a few more miles before the end of the year- so I try to run at least twice a day – three times would be perfect. (I’m not hinting that we’re eating a lot, no, not at all).

So I ran this morning – it was about 52 degrees  but WET! Rainy, windy and waves and whitecaps on the beach. I was able to make it partway up the trail that connects Arch Cape with the Oregon Coast Trail – I’d run some of it last year and wanted to see it again. It had been raining so much that I couldn’t go far or fast – much of the trail was mud and busy rivulets of water.

So I came home, had lunch, relaxed, was thoroughly beaten in a game of cards  – and went for my second run along the beach. Not as windy this time, but still raining. Still – it was nice to be on a soft surface. About a mile in, I scrambled over some rocks and saw another long expanse of beach. It’s been raining so hard that there are streams that are flowing to the ocean in the strangest of places – and I was happy that I was going to be able to keep running. I hit the firm sand and made it about 10 yards and fell into a sinkhole or something – I was immediately in water up to by waist, and although I was slowing – my next step took me to my knees and I ended up wet to my chest.

Which resulted in a few choice swear words and an immediate reversal to head for the dryness of home. Kind of fun – the water wasn’t that cold, all things considered – and I HAD been planning on a swim at some point anyway!

December 23, 2007

Arch Cape Sourdough

We haven’t been here long enough for my sourdough starter to pick up all of the natural wild yeasts here at the coast – but with any luck at all, I’ll be able to bring some home with me.

We had a great lazy day yesterday – a trip to Cannon Beach for groceries, a run along the beach, some guitar, and some outstanding chicken curry!

December 22, 2007

Christmas in Arch Cape

We’re at the coast – Oregon – and it is windy and stormy and fabulous. We won’t have a white Christmas – but we will have several days of utter relaxation. On the menu so far are sourdough bread and english muffins, chicken curry, fresh coffee, hot chocolate, dal, cheese blintzes -and that’s just the first day or two!

We’re with our friends from Italy, too – so we have a dog and a toddler – so – we’re in pretty good shape for friends and fun!

December 22, 2007

12 k’s of Christmas

Frank and I ran another race (Puja ran the 5k as well) and had a great time. It was a HILLY course, though  – which was a bit of a surprise.  We’d thought that we’d just be running along the waterfront – but we ended up running up the hill towards 405.

But  -we finished in the top 100 (84th and 85th, as a matter of fact), Puja had a great race (except for the nosebleed!) and Suzanne and Olivia joined us for the kids dash and breakfast after!

December 9, 2007

Jingle Bell Dash

Just back from the race – so cold out that it snowed as we came out of the tunnel!

And a SLOW start, too – the organizers did a pretty good job with many things – but not so great with some of the run logistics. For example – the "fast" wave was 8 minutes per mile or better – which really means that the 9 and 10 minute milers that don’t time themselves figured that was their wave, too. And the next wave (from an 8 minute to a 9:40 per mile pace) doesn’t accommodate anyone that runs near a 10 minute pace – so there were a lot of walkers and runners of too many speeds interspersed throughout all of the waves.

For me, that means both a slow start, which is a bit annoying, as well as danger, which is alarming. Add in the strollers and dogs on leashes (both not allowed but there in abundance anyway) – and the first mile or more is pretty nerve wracking!

I finished in just under 21 minutes – a 6.45 pace. And Puja and Suzanne and Olivia all ran, too – which was terrific!

December 8, 2007

Cool Running

Frank and I ran the Seattle Half Marathon a pair of weeks ago – it was pretty fun, save for the cold. Someone will make a lot of money when they figure out a foolproof way to drop your clothes seconds before the race starts, and pick them back up seconds after you finish!
We were aiming at an 8 minute pace, and beat it – so  -it was a good day.  Cold though – I was sore from shivering I did while waiting for the gun to go off!
And teh annual Jingle Bell Dash is tomorrow – I’m not really in 5k shape – but I’ll crank it up to see what kind if shape I am in!