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October 31, 2007

Half Marathon Ahoy!

Frank and I are set (or getting set!) to run the Seattle Half Marathon. Challenges include:

  • Weather – it’s freaking November!
  • Training – I’m getting fat – Frank will wax me on the run
  • T-day – we both bake. Will I have to forego the apple pie?
October 22, 2007

Tripping Down Memory Lane

When I was new at University, the guys that helped me become a guitar player were mostly Jesuits. They just came through town on a reunion tour, and I sat in back at the local church to hear them play. The good news is that they all seem to have aged pretty well – less hair and all, and a couple of key signatures that seemed slightly out of reach – but maybe that was the result of a typical church sound system.

A few years ago, I probably would have been a part of the show – mandolin, or banjo, or electric guitar – or I would have made sure that the sound was decent. But I had a falling out with a local agency – and the ripples of that (I’ll have to write more about that later) cascaded far wider than I imagined – so I’m moderately estranged from that church, and a lot of the Jesuit community in particular.

One of the hidden benefits of seeing the show, though, was to get a chance to see how I’ve measured up since my days at school – and I have to say – a lot of the people I knew back then haven’t been as lucky as me! I have fewer wrinkles, (especially those large wrinkles that inhabit the hip, butt and belly region) and better flexibility. Could be good luck or genetics – but it’s probably the distance running, the cycling, the swimming and hanging on to jobs I love to do!

October 3, 2007

Re-entry is, well – . . .

We’re back in Seattle, and back at work – and, actually that is all pretty good. Great to see our friends, our co-workers, our dog, to sleep in our own bed, to have more than a single pair of jeans and all of that.

But – what’s the deal with waking at 3:30 AM? Not a lot of fun! In a day or two, we’ll both be over the jet lag, the inbox overload and all else – and shortly – we’ll post the high quality pictures that Puja took!