Another hill town! (SEP 5)

We spent most of the in Volterra, a ill town about 20 Km from our villa. It’s smaller than San Gimigano-but 3 liked it better. It was a little less crowded than SG, but every bit as charming.

We Rrived as they were setting up or taking down from a festival S it wasn’t until near theendof the day that we figured out that they were setting up – it just took all day and they don’t appear to be in a hurry!

We did find yet another great spot for a cappucino and we also ad a DIY lunch: Fresh bread, fresh cheese, and wild boar sausage. I can’t say for sure how wild the boar was – but the sausage was delicious!

We also made our way to some of bthe neighborhood- and saw the locals hanging out on the stoop, found a tiny churh where I lit a candle for my twin’s birthday. Along the way, we also spotted some ancient ruins (including a small viaduct, which reminded me that the viaduct in ny home town might soon be a ruin) and almost poached some wifi.

(If anyone knows how to hack a TKIP connection or has a killer universal wep key, I’d like to know!)

We arrived home Puja whipped up a great pasta supper, and we drank a bit (just a bit!) of local wine.

Tomorrow we’re off to either Florence or another hill town!

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