Athens to London (Sep 28)t

We’re on the final dash towards home! We didn’t get to see much of Athens yesterday – our plane was going the next morning, and despite all of the hard work that the country did getting ready for the Olympics – the metro and the suburban rail don’t quite line up in time for a trip to the airport for a 7 AM flight. It works like this:

Metro goes to the airport, but doesn’t start running until about 5:30 – and it is a 45 minute trip – not early enough for the 2 hour check in. The suburban rail starts earlier – but you can’t get to it by metro in time from downtown, and there aren’t any places to stay out where it starts. And cabs doube their rates at night!

That means that we stayed at the airport – a nice hotel right across the street. We were up at 5 to check out and check in when we discovered another Athenian quirk: You can check your bag and head to your gate and clear security. But all of the duty free stuff and food is BEFORE your gate – and you go through a secondary check point at your gate – and once you are in there – nada. Not a drinking fountain, bathroom, place to grab a snack! And they make you ditch any liquid, too – good thing we didn’t buy anything at duty free!

We get to London about 9 this morning – I’ll see if I can unload my remaining euros there (we’d planned on buying snacks in Athens) and will maybe pick up a bottle of scotch if I can find one that I haven’t had yet!

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