Almost home (Sep 29)

We’re on the penultimate stage of our trip home – this is our 3rd flight in two days – Athens to London, London to Philly, and Philly to Seattle. Puja is napping, and she is the better at math – I’ve lost track of the hours what with the time changes. I think that if we include the waiting, the train ride to Gatwick, and the interminable security checks – it get close to 20 hours of travel. Yikes!

(In case you are wondering, the final segment is from the airport to home!)

That aside – we had a great time visiting some of Puja’s family in London-lots of laughter, a terrific supper, hot shower and a seris of Carrom games, which Puja and I both lost!

We land in an hour or so, and can’t wait to see friends and family, our dog, co-workers and to otherwise pick up the trappings of our very good lives in Seattle.

It might be a few days before we recover from the jet lag, put our pictures in order, recharge our phones and our pantry – but we’ll be looking forward to telling more stories of our travels. Thumb typing on my phone hardly does justice to the fantastic sights, the new and tasty food, and (best of all) new friends!

Note: You should do this. Bank some vacation, get a plane ticket, and just go. 4 weeks seems just about right to me, but you may get more or less. And if you are even a bit adventurous – you don’t need to plan that much – get a backpack (be sure to leave a lot of room in it on the way out!) and find friends and places to stay as you go. It doesn’t even matter where you go, so long as you are willing to learn to say hello, please, thank you, and to be astonished by the goodness of most humans. Send me a note before you head out on your trip.

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