Naxos – last day (Sep 26)

Today is really our last vacation day – tomorrow is travel to Athens, we have the afternoon there. Then on to London for an evening – and then home to Seattle.

I’m sad that our trip is winding down, but will be so happy to see family and friends and my dog and to roast and drink coffee!

We rented a car today and drove around the island, after starting with a pastry. There is a reason that they call this country grease – at least as far as pastries are concerned!

But we saw some spectacular views today, had a great lunch in a small village, and found a remote beach that that we had almost all to ourselves. The water is a tad chillier than it was, and the travel season is definately coming to an end.

Dinner last night was terrific – a lamb and potato dish for Puja and a combo plate for me. We learned that Naxos is famous for potatos, liquour, cheese and honey – and we can vouch for their goodness! We finished the night (courtesy our waiter) with a shot of tequila! We were both expecting ouzo, so it was a surprise indeed!

One more dinner here in Naxos, and then we start the long trip home to family and friends.

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