On our way to Ios (Sep 24)t

It looks like the wind has broken (ha, ha, ha) so we booked a ferry to Ios, the next closest island in the direction of Athens – we fly from there to London (where we’ll see some of Puja’s cousins) before flying home.

Today is a special holiday, either for the Greek Orthodox Church, for Greece, or for the people of Santorini . We know because the church just next door has 5 bells, which they rang with gusto last night and this morning. After the initial shock, they were fantastically musical – three bells set up an intro patter and the remaining two played a melody on top. Terrific!

We hiked down to the travel agent, bought a donut and tickets to Ios, and then headed to the very top of town to haggle for some glass lamps (Our friends Mark and Sue provided moral support, and we chanelled the spirit of our Turkish friend Iffet to get ready.

Alas, the shop was closed, so we raced back to our hotel for one more ringing of the bells and to pack our gear, and, with ALL of our gear marched back up the hill for those lamps!

I was going to barge in with my backpack to make the owner nervous, but changed my mind. We made an offer, bargained, settled on a very good price – and we were off down the hill for the bus to Ios.

Mark and Sue saw us safely on the bus – and we hope to see them in Brisbane or Seattle before too long!

Note: We’ve been exceptionally fortunate – our time in Italy was filled with our good friends Blugh and Marika and their daughter Dana from Seattle; Turkey was great due in no small part to making great friends with Gary and Iffet; and Greece was so fun because we hit it off with Mark and Sue (whom we’d first met in Turkey). It reminds me of why I love to travel – in the most distant of places, if I’m paying attention – I’m sure to make good friends!

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