Ios to Naxos (Sep 24 and 25)

Wow – I will want to come back here! Our hotel was great, the beach was fantastic (if a bit windy), and our hotel owner has a taverna, where we had dinner. Puja had the chicken, I had the rooster, and we shared a fabulous greek salad.

All the while, we could see into the kitchen, where our new friend was working the grill and rotisserie like a pro. We were just about ready to go when he popped out from the grill with three shots of ouzo – we toasted, and down the hatch they went.

I was delighted – our travel books had promised the very best of greek hospitality – and we’d seen a bit already. But this just made me glad. I don’t know that I’ll actually make it back to Ios, and surely our new friend knows that. But we still had terrific service – which furthered the next morning:

We woke, cleaned up and packed because we wanted to be a bit closer to Athens that day. It has been some windy still – and the closer to Athens the more likely that we’ll make our flight.

Anyway, in addition to inviting us back, telling us when the ferry was leaving, giving us a ride to the pier – he called ahead to a friend in Naxos, asked him to pick us up, negotiated the same room rate, and handed us a brochure so we know exactly where we will be staying!

I’m lucky to be on such a long and good trip, and luckier still to be encountering such kindness along thy way. Should you travel to Greece (and you should) you must spend at least a day in Ios. And I’ll make is easy for you, too. You’ll want to stay at Hotel Skala, a 5 minute walk from town up the hill near the outdoor theatre. Quiet, friendly, clean, and near the great beaches., and tel: 22860 92027-92372 and fax : 22860 92177

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