Ios afternoone (Sep 24)

Wow. Tourist season is OVER here in Ios, which means a great room for 20 euro, and the best beach in town virtually to ourselves. Now I only hope that there might be a place open for dinner!

We took a ride with a local hotel owner (the Scala) and he gave us a quick ride around town, a great room, and (of course) invited us to his restraunt, and we made a quick change into our beach clothes and headed into town where we found – no one!

Maybe they were closed for the lunch break, which happens here in Greece – we’ll find out after we finish our wine (thanks to Mark and Sue) and head into town.

We walked about a mile to the beach – by then we were famished, and our expectations where completely exceeded by the fresh tzatziki, the greek salad with Ios cheese (out of this world good), and a chicken souvlaki that was also outstanding.

The beach was a bit windy, which made the water seem a bit chilly – but I went snorkeling anyway, and saw a school of fish, a skinny fish the size of my forearm, a jellyfish that made me feel a bit sick to my stomach with fear, and another fish that looked like dinner.

We caught the bus back up the hill, I had a delightfully hot shower, beat Puja in a game of pool (but just by one), and dinner beckons.

So does Naxos, the likely next island on our tour. Word has it that we can get great olives there, and we might find some to bring home, along with some Absinthe, a liquor required for some cocktails that I haven’t seen at home!

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