Santorini Day Three (Sep 23)

Just a quick note – we might be here for several more days!

The wind picked up, and the ferries haven’t left for two days now. Our friends Mark and Sue had to buy a plane ticket, and we overheard some other people talking about hiring a helicopter just so they could make a connecting flight – 2100 euros!

We’re hoping to catch a boat to Ios tomorrow if the wind permits – that get us a bit closer to Athens for our Frida flight to London.

We spent the day today hiking to the old Port
and back – more than 6,000 step; having the best gyro ever, shopping for goodies to take back home and enjoying Santorini on a day with some cluds and wind and rain. We have our sight set on dinner at Nickalaus, the spot where we had lunch on the first day, but not until we have a spot of wine with Mark and Sue.

Wifi Note: I woke this morning and dashed to the middle of the town where I found wifi the day before – but alas, no luck. I had to walk slowly throughout town back to our pensione with my eye glued to my phone. Greek wifi appears to move around a lot – and only broadcasts about one bar ever!

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