Santorini Day Two (Sep 22)

Another banner day for Patrick and Puja here in Greece: We slept in on a nice firm bed, met Mark and Sue for a donut at the bakery (it was the bakery for the whole town, not the tourist one), and then rented a car.

40 euros got us a car for the day with unlimited mileage, and we made the most of it – from the Red Beach (gorgeous) to the Monastery (where the warning sign talked about cancer from nearby military something) to Black Beach (also gorgeous) to the ancient ruins of Thira (closed, but a breathtaking and sometimes heartstopping drive up a very steep and twisty one way road with gusts of wind that almost tipped us over) to the Gyro Spot.

We finished with sunset and snacks (Puja has incredible pictures) and a nice dinner.

Seeing way more of the island was a real treat and would have been impossible by bus and not affordable by taxi. As it was – we saw remote beaches, grapes growing close to the ground, men setting sail to catch fish, fresh fish going on the grill, boats arriving from othe islands, impossibly small boats navigating the very wavy water, the sun lighting the sea through rich colored clouds, squid, sea grass and neon green fish, red rocks just under the clear, blue sea. . .

The waters are rough, so many of the ferries have been cancelled – so we don’t know if we’ll get to make it to another island before going to Athens for our last leg to London and then home. If we don’t? Rats – we’ll have to spend a few extra days here!

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