Santorini day one (Sep 21)

Santorini is great. Our book had suggested that it might be hard to find a place to get authentic food, and that it would be totally crowded. Turns out that we fiund a very nice and affordable room, two places that have delivered excellent food (but no good coffee as of yet) and the views are amazing.

We also met up with our friends Mark and Sue (last seen in Goerme – whatever would we do without text messaging?) and had a great dinner together.

Two fun stories:

A pair of moderately stodgy women had lunch next to us, and when the bill came in Greek they could read the prices but didn’t know which items belonged to which price. One of them called the owner over for help and said she needed to know how to split the bill. The owner asked ‘are you friends?’, and when she said yes he said ‘then you split it down the middle’ It was hilarious – the lady was not amused, but we were! She asked how much for the philosophy lesson and the owner replied ‘free – it’s always free to help make people better’

Our dinner place was crowded – we had to wait on the steps. The owner kept looking out the window to see if there were more people waiting, would duck back inside and reappear with a glass of wine for each waiting customer!

Today, we are going to explore the town, maybe ire a car and drive the island, and certainly go to the beach

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