Kas Day Two (Sep 18)

So – swimming in the Mediteranian is delightful so blue that it is hard to believe that it is salt water – that is – until you take a mouthful!

Our first day was nice – our friends Gary and Iffet have been really fun – and Iffet has been able to charm the locals here so that we get local pricing!

We had dinner the first night at a very local place – we sat in the ciurtyard and watched them bake pide, bread and othe things (like aubergines) in a huge outdoor brick oven. (Frank – I’ll help you build one in your back yard!) It was delicious – I’ll make sure I get the name of wat we had before I leave the country.

The boat trip was outstanding – Puja and I bought a mask ans snorkel to prepare. The boat wasn’t that large, but had about 30 people. We could tell the Russians and Germans because despite their bellies and oter girth – they all wore speedo’s – not a pleasant sight! The Mediteranian was great, though.

Our first stope was a Greek Island (hard to believe that they are that close – just a couple of miles inbplaces) where we went for a swim – we just jumped.off.the side of the boat!

There wasn’t a lot to see underwater – but having the mask was great anyway.

We swam for about 30 minutes, went to another beautidul cove, swam, went to an ancient city that was underwater due to an earthquake (too dangerous to swim), had one of the best chicken kebap and bulghar lunches ever, and then went to an island where we picked fresh figs (if you’ve only ever had a dried fig, you must try the real thing), waded out to see more of that ancient city (which must have been huge), and then bought ice cream!

We had one last swim and then headed home for a quick shower, to order take out Pide from our favorite Turkish spot and borrowed a guitar from the pensione.

We had dinner (and Effes) at the local amphitheatre, which is 2100 years old and has great acoustics!

We were joined by two of our shipmates, Denise and Volckan, and then retired to the beachfront for a bit of Reki (which I can’t recommend before retiring for the evening!

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