En Route (Sep 20)

We left Turkey for Greece via a high spee ferry, landed in Rhodes and took a quick walk through town. The first place we stopped was full, and they told us that two bof the other places recommended to us were full, too. The next spot had nobody home and the one after that we rented for about 4 hours!

We dropped our bags and I sampled the bed – it was as soft as a halloween pumpin in December – not a good sign. But we were too hungry to worry much, so we went to find foof, and find it we did! We sat in a courtyard with a fountain and a parakeet (pictures at next wifi connection) and had a delicious meal – baked feta cheese, olive toppenade, greek salad, and a greekish kinf od lamb pasta meets lassagne. While we were eating the owner came out with the parakeet and a glass of ouzo. We took a picture or tw were invited to have ouzo, which we did, and then had a delicious fruit plate for dessert.

Our next stop was the ferry boat agent – and we found out that we could get a boat to Syros and then on to Santorini – but we had to leave today!

So we did!

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