En Route Part 3 (Sep 21)

It’s 4 in the freaking morning and we’re in the not so bustling island of Syros, which I’m sure has its charms. The windy, poorly lit (but nicely appointed with marble) waiting area isn’t exactly the most charming feature. Our next boat departs at 7, so we have three hours to kill.

Update: The nicely appointe marble has turned my butt into a small marble statue – hard, cold and white.

Update 2: Not having a book to read makes for a long wait. I could go back to the Harry Potter book that Puja just finished, but I’ve read it already. It looks like I’ll have to read the ebooks I brought.

Update 3: Okay, so it’s a bit cold. Puja slid into jeans, and I opted to wrap up in a sleep sack – just enough to cut the chill. But the Japanese man near us – HIS idea of a blanket is the largest slice of tinfoil I’ve ever seen. It’s windy, so I helped him unwrap it – it may be mylar, but it might very well be tinfoil. It took approximately 2.5 hours for him to get it unrolled all of te way, and know he is lying on the floor snoring.

Update 4: It’s been 2.5 hours. I can no longer feel my butt.

Update 5: Blood sugar dropping. The dried banana chips taste like cardboard. My mother mentioned that there would be days like these.

Update 6: We’re headed to the boat. God, I hope the air conditioning isn’t on!

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