Goreme Day 1 and 2 (Sep 15)

Wow. I don’t know that I’ll be able to do this justice, but imagine:

3 Volcanoes overlooking several valleys erupt at once. Volcanic rock, basalt, quartz, others. Add in wind, water, erosion, Hittite’s, very early Christians, invasions, wars, the Ottoman empire.

We’ve some of it all, from the underground city of Derinkuyu to the Monastery founded by St. Basi from Pigeon Valley to the church of St. Daniel to (I shit you not) the place where a bit of the very first Star Wars was filmed.

We’re staying at the Kose Pension, which is affordable, serves great breakfast and dinner, and has a dog (Spotty) who will give you a tour os the many cave dwelings here in Goreme.

It has been sunny and hot, the Turks continue to be kind, the food is great, and I just had a cold beer. My search foe good coffee may have to wait until I am back in Seattle, but maybe I’ll get lucky before then!

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