Istanbul to Cappodocia (Sep 13)

Our final day in Istanbul was nice – up, showered and packed, packs left at our hotl for the day – we had until 7:00 to goof off until the bus ride.

We ad breakfast and a coffee (French Press – better than the cappucino from yesterday, but still not great. Maybr in Greece . . .

We also had a gripping game of chess – Puja feigned ignorance and was headed towards thrashing me completely when a slight mistake gave me her queen and I eaded on towards a skow march to victory.

We did a bit of souvenir shopping and then headed to Topkepi Palace. Wow. Those pepole really lived like kings. Wait a minute – they WERE kings! It was amazing – vast expanses of lawn, astonishing views of the Golden Horn, even (get this) a special room for circumcision! I was a little nervous in tat room – I really didn’t want to see the tools of the trade!

We also saw the 5th largedt diamond in the world and the Topkepi dagger.

We launged in the Hippodrome for a bit, reading up on Turkey and Greece, and wathed a car get towed. They park next to it and use a crane to pick the whole thin up!

We had a lunch at a small place with live music, a beer near the Blue Mosque (we ARE on vacation afterall) and then walked back through the Hippodrome. Rammazan started yesterday, so some of the city refrains from alcohol, sexual congress, eating and drinking from dawn until sunset.

Consequently – in the Hippodrome9 they were setting up for a poast sunset feast! It was exciting – we ended up boarding our bus at 7 – but it was shaping up to be a good party!

We’ll arrive in Goreme in the morning via the overnight bus0 I don’t sleep well sitting up – so we shall see how the blog posting goes tomorrow!


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