Istanbul Day Two (9-11)

Day two in Istanbul – I’m still settling in a bit – the first time this trip where acquiring ANY of th language is a challenge.

We started with a leisurly breakfast (including Nescafe coffee-quite a change from Italy where even the airport has great coffee) but the breakfast was quite good. We also took in our laundry (washing in the sink with Camp Suds only gets you so far) and took a leisurley boat ride along The Golden Horn and into the Bosphorous and (almost) into the Black Sea.

My geography must have been terrible because I didn’t really get that Istanbul is in both Europe and Asia-literally. I mean we can take a boat ride (in fact we did just that) from one to the other.

And if our guide book has a sucky map (and it does) the brief history is pretty handy. I remember a bit of the Ottoman Empir but the refresher sure helps. For instance – knowing the ever changing names of some of these places elps a lot. For instance – Ankara used to be Angola and (of course) Istanbul was Constantinople. And so on.

We still haven’t decided where we are going next – but tomorrow we’ll likely head over to the Blue Mosque and Aya Sophia.

Oh. And to the coffee shop, where I had my first Turkish coffee! It was tasty – somewhere in between an espresso, a drip, and a french press. No one told me that I shouldn’t slurp down to the very end – so I did get a mouthful of grounds at the very end!

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