Istanbul Afternoon (9-11)

I know I just posted, but the free wifi is too much to resist! Puja and I are just back from a tasty dinner here in the Sultanamet district. The competition for our dining dollar is great – wheb we walk down the street, all of the restaurant vendors do their best to invite us in.

Tonight, we were won over by a very small place where the chief cook was also the chief musician. He was playinf a baglama, a 7 stringed instrument. 3 asked about it when we sat down, and e brought me a pair to try before dinner. I didn’t have the skill to determine the tuning, put picked out a bit of melody anyway – which seemed to earn more goodwill (if that is possible – thus far the turks seek to exude goodwill like sweat), and then was treated to a poast dinner tune by the chef.

I was delighted; on top of a great dinner, I got a bit of music, too.

We ended the night buying a bottle of water from a man who spent time in San Jose and knows about where I grew up. What a small and delightful world.


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