Woops another hill town! Sep 4

The weather turned on us a bit today, so we decided to ead out to a slightly more remote hill town called Montepulciano. It was a bout a two hour drive from my castle (that’s right-castle. I mean the Villa is huge, stone, it echoe we have our own pool (which I consider to be a moat) -so you can see why it feels like castle).

In any case, MP was on a steeper hill, and due to the rain had fewer people. We didn’t have it all to ourselves, but there were a lot fewer touristas.

The shops (great wine, leather, and mosaics) were almost all on the outside and the main square was mostly the cathedral and restaurants – and since it was lunchtime, we stopped. He host wasa tad standoffish until he saw Dana, Blugh and Marika’s 15 month old – and he lit up like a Christmas tree.

A terrific lunch ensued – great ravioli, cheese (pecorrino, if you must know), cappucino, tartuffe, and so on.

#he weather cleared up a bit, and we were able to take a few pictures, and do a lot more wandering, too.

We finished the evening with wine tasting, which was excellent – some reds and whites, some wild boar sausag some outstanding chicken pate type stuff.

That all adds up to a very nice day!

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