To Bergamo and beyond (Sep 9)

Our final day in CT was great – we had a tasty breakfast, I had a fine espresso near the harbor, we picked up a bottle of water, and we iked over the hill (and I do mean over!) to the next town, Corniglia.

It was a gorgeous 4km hike – up and down, with grand views of the ocean and both towns. We landed in the middle of town (where I spent a night sipping wine 17 years ago with my friends Paul and Doug) and eaded directly to the water for a dip in the sea.

The water was a startling blue, warm as Lake Washington, and very salty – perfect for floating.

We climbed the 300 steps back to town, bought a snack, and walked the 400 steps down on the other side of town to the train station.

Which was the start of a long travel day! First back to Vernazza to get our packs, then to Monterossa to wait for the train to Milan (we finished a nice chianti while waiting), landed in Milan near 8:00 PM, had our most expensive beer to date, and caught te traon to Bergamo.

We arrived arounf 10:30, hiked to the least expensive of the expesive hotels that had a room and knocked off for the night – our flight to Turkey leaves at 7:00 AM!

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