Next adventure begins – Sep 8

We’re on our war to the Cinque Terre after saying goodbye to our friends from my castle. Marika and Blugh and their daughter were the chief instigators of the trip – Marika and Blugh were married here 5 years ago. We were invited along for the reunion, along with some folks who attended the wedding: Marika’s mom, one of her mom,s friend Carron, Blugh’s mom and stepdad, friends from England (Ian and Jen), and two more from Seattle, Steve and Amy.

So Puja and I hithed a ride with Blug, Marika and Dana to L Spezia, made our last farewells and after a delicious lunch – we’re on the train to Vernazza where we hope to find a room!

Then we’re off for Bargamo (near Milan) tomorrow for our trip to Turkey!.

Right now, the blue of the Mediteranian is incredible!

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