Istanbul (Sep 10)

I’m listening to the call for prayer – two of them actually – one from a speaker which sounds like it is atop the Blue Moaque, and another being chanted live.

We’re in Istanbul after a plane ride to the wrong end of says Istanbul but really meant somewhere in central asia.

We both had to buy visas – and the Canadian one was a lot more expensive – go figure. We got ona bus (the only bus) and hoped.that it was heading to town. It was, we landed in Taxim (we had a really crappy map) so after a terrifik lunch Eskander for me and Doner for Puja, we walked to the Blue Mosque – probably 6-8 miles with all of our gear. Along the way we bought two bottles of water, one with ice in it – the coldest drink we’ve had since leaving home!

We were looking for one pensione and found anoter instead, with a great view of the ocean, a common room with a guitar, and in walking distance of coffeeeee!

It was a long travel day today (although we did cover a lot of the city on foot) so tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed!

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