Florence Sep 7

If Sienna was like living in an activ museum, then Florence is like Sienna on steroids – more art, more leather, more shoes, more shoes (and bags and shoes and bags and shoes . . .).

But good stuff, too like the series of bridges across the river Arno, the great view from Michaelangelo’s overlook, yet another tasty espresso and gelato, and a guitar!

We stopped at a pizza joint for a quick slice, there was a guitar on the wall, and when 3 asked if 3 could play it the owner said yes. So nikce to get my fingers on some guitar strings, if even for just a short while.

We mostly walked all day and looked. !e saw a bit of the Central Market, and tried to return to it later – but much like Pike Place Market back home – it closes early.

I’ve never sen more motor bikes and scooters in my life, either – but no accidents, despite the non-structured traffic environment, and tourists everywhere. Our bike guide told us that 3taly has 60 or so million residents (most aging, too) and the same number of annual visitors. That makes tourism the economic engine of the country.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Cinque Terre for the next part of our adventure. We don’t know where we are staying or how we are getting there, let alone how we’ll get from there to Genoa to Milan to the budget airport for the trip to Istanbul!

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