Almost in Turkey (Sep 10)

First of all – we discovered that Big Tobacco is alive and thriving over here – while we saw plenty of smokers in Tuscany, thet pale in comparison to Milan and Turkey0 The man next to me smoked 6 cigarettes in just 20 minutes!

Our hotel was nice even thugh we weren’t there for very long, and even though the tub didn’t have a shower curtain. I had to sit on a stool, manouver a spiggot on a hose, use the soap and adjust the water – a dangerous set of activities for 5:00 in the morning!

We had the italian version of an egg mcmuffin once past security, boarded the plane and should land in a few minutes. This is the first tike in Turkey for both of us, so we shall see how we do with the money, the food, the language and the rest!

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