A day in Sienna Sep 5

Sienna is another hill town, but the biggest that we’ve been to by far. Puja described it perfectly – like living in a museum!

We got up.pretty early and drove there in just about an hour. Along the way we saw some Sangiovesie grapes being harvested – pictures to arrive later!

Sienna was fantastic – a terrific combination of chic shopping (no, I didn’t buy anything yet), tourists, locals, great food, and a fantastic Duomo.

There were so many fun things to see, from the shops and the views and the tiny streets (including a stoplight!) to the pizza joints, pannini shops, and – you guessed it – the best coffee we’ve had yet ‘ and we’ve had a lot of good coffee!

It was a small shop, no sitting down, and a mix of locals and tourists – I saw several locals walk in and get their drink of choice without ordering. We had cappucino (but were totally intrigued by something that I suspect was a cociolato). It was great, as was the picnic in the square, the fresh grapes and fresher peach, and the post lunch gelato.

(We’ve organised our days into a quest for great coffee and great gelato every day, and we’ve been quite successful!).

I also broke down and paid for wifi access – better for my travelling companions than me keeping my eyes glued to my phone trying to poach a signal!

We drove home, played a bit of frisbee, and thn started our cooking lesson. Puja and 3 had plotted in advance – I was to get the pasta lesson, and she the squid – and it worked out perfectly. Here are my two quick takeaways: Nothbing but semolina and egg in the pasta, and no salt or oil in the pasta.

I’d never had squid before, and it was delicious – we’ll be fixing that at home for sure!

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