Tri Time

My first ever triathlon is just around the corner – two weeks. So – like any prudent (and neophyte) triathlon – I had a practice run. (Make that a practice swim, bike, and run!).

Okay – well not quite. In addition, I’ve been helping lifeguard for my girl and some friends – not that they need much help – just like having someone in the water or on the boat keeping an eye out for them. And on Saturday – the boat had a leak!

So – I spent most of our designated swim time keeping tabs on my mates – all of whom did great. But I spent more time in the water than I was expecting, and I was FREEZING when I got out! so much that I had a hard time tying my shoes!

Nevertheless – I was able to get on my bike and get moving soon enough – and I warmed up a lot. I didn’t make it 12 miles, because the logical turnaround spot was at the 5.5 mark – but still – I was able to get through 11 miles at an 18 mph pace – not quite as fast as I hope to go on race day – but perfect for seeing if I had any gas in the tank for running.

So – back to Seward Park on the bike, off with the bike shoes, on with the running shoes, and around the loop I went. It did take a few minutes for me to warm up to the run, and I never really had a strong sense of pace – but I finished in a respectable 8 minute per mile pace – also a bit slower than my hoped for race day pace – but today wasn’t race day – so -all good!

So you can imagine how fun it was to get out today for ANOTHER swim and ride – this time, I time trialed, and got through the swim in just over 12 minutes – met my brother – and zipped through another 7 miles on my bike.

All of that means – ready for race day! Now I just need to rest, not get fat, and not get injured!


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