Mountains to Sound, Year Two

Last year, I put together a relay team for the inaugural Mountains to Sound Relay race – a five person, 5 stage race that included a mountain bike ride, a road bike ride, a kayak, a half marathon, and a sprint to the finish.

We had a pretty good race, despite the heat – it hit 100 that day while I was running!

You can imagine how pleased I was to NOT be running in that kind of heat again this year – and due to some impending babies, Frank and I were joined by a couple of new team-mates, Phillip and Dave.

Turns out that both were excellent riders – between the two of them, they were 22 and 27 minutes faster than last year! (Which was also our team name – faster than last year). Phillip managed a 2nd place finish overall first in the division, natch), Dave finished well ahead of his projected time, Joe sneaked in under the wire – he moved his time in the right direction, finishing 7th in his division, Frank was a whopping 13 minutes faster, and I was 10 minutes faster.

All told – a great day. We had the usual great support, too – our very own rider with water bottle and great attitude to keep us focused on the finish line, a 4 year old in a fairy outfit, an early morning ride, and a beer and pizza party.

Not bad for an afternoon adventure, I say. I was a bit dismayed, though, to find out that our division had gotten faster – I’d figured that if I could run 10 minutes faster that I’d move up in the rankings. Turns out, I’m probably just a better suck-it-up-and-run-in-the-heat runner – because the people that ran this year also ran faster! In the heat of 2006 – I was 26th overall and 12th in our division – and this year, despite being speedier, I was 42nd and 18th! Go figure! I guess that means I’ll have to train a little bit next year to see if I can be even speedier -or that it gets really, really hot!


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