More Training!

My girl and I continue to train for our triathlon – and one of the hidden benefits is that we are driving less. It’s pretty great – cycle to work, to volleyball, to meet friends for a jog – as Earth Day came and went – I was thinking about things that I can do to reduce my consumption footprint.

One of the things I wonder, though, is about energy efficiency. If I cycle and run and swim a lot – I need to consume more calories! So – we have to buy more, eat more, cook more – and – I wonder if there is a trade-off? Would sitting in front of my TV be better for the environment than consuming an addition 800 calories a day? Enquiring minds would like to know!

In the meantime, I’ve just purchased the Total Immersion swimming video and book – I think I’m pretty inefficient in the water, and this program gets good reviews – so we’ll see!


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