Whistler While You Work

I was lucky to head up to Whistler last week to visit with my brother and his family. Work has been a bit busier than normal lately – I have more responsibilities than I did a few months ago – which is great, I might add – but I’m still getting up to speed. But the marvels of technology meant that I was able to stash a laptop in my bag, get in the car, pick up my girl, switch to the passenger seat, and then spend a couple of hours crafting some scopes of work for customers.

It sounds crazy – but having some good company, a comfortable car and no interruptions meant that I actually accomplished a lot. Of course, my battery crapped out near the border, but that was fine.

We reached Whistler just in time to have dinner with my brother – and spent all of the next day on the slopes (or getting ready for the slopes). Terrific. It snowed all day, and I finally figured out (just a bit) how to turn left without turning back up into the hill.

The next day was even better – the sun came out for a couple of hours, it was warm, the snow was terrific. And my niece and nephew and brother were good company the whole way, and my girl was polite every time I ran her down by accident!

We wrapped up the weekend with a night in Vancouver. Stanley Park is still gorgeous, despite the tree loss from the winter storms – and the city strikes me as a model.

Sure –  you might not like the real estate values there (but you don’t like them in Seattle, either). And you might not like the taxes. Or the medical system. Fine. Maybe I’m just feeling generous – but here’s my take:

The City makes builders and developers work for them, not the other way around – so there is green space, open space, living space, retail space, a good bus system, a train going in, everyone gets medical insurance, not just the fortunate among us . . .

Hard to argue with that. And the people are nice, too. The border guards don’t treat me like a criminal, the police officers answer questions with a smile, the hotel staff were prompt and kind.

Okay – sure. I was on vacation. But I’d sure like to see more of those things in my city!


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