Swim, Bike, Run

I did a mini triathlon the other day – I hadn’t really planned on it – it just turned out. I was getting ready to leave town for a conference, and knew that it wasn’t likely that I’d get much exercise (I was wrong about that – the team at United made me carry my bags from one gate to the other until they finally decided upon a departure gate).

Anyway – I swam 1500 yards during lunch – that’s almost twice as far as I’ll have to go during my race in July. And then I was planning on a short run when I got home, but some friends called and asked if I wanted to run with them. I did want to – but on the way home spotted the horrific traffic on Hwy. 99 headed back towards their house. So – when I got home – I popped on my bike, rode to their house, we went for a run, and then I rode home.

The run was about 3 miles, but the bike ride was only about 5 – about a third of how far I’ll go on race day.

But it was a confidence booster – now all I need to to is ramp up my bike riding, practice some transitions, and get ready for race day!


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