Dam Run

Okay, that’s not quite fair. But I was visiting my mom in the Bay Area this weekend, and had the opportunity to run around the Lexington Dam – it was a beautiful 12.25 mile loop that included challenging hills, beautiful views, and a fast downhill finish – all made better by having my girl and my sister riding shotgun on their bikes!

I’m amused – because as I ran around the dam – all of the signs called it "Lexington Lake" – a clear re-branding effort that seems to have taken hold. The last time I spend any time at all on the "lake" was when a high school buddy and I took beer and a canoe (in that order, I’m afraid) out for a spin. If you catch me in person, I’ll let you know what happens after a few beers, when nature calls, and the boat starts to tip – if you have to let go of SOMETHING – what exactly will it be?)

But I digress. It was just a water shed meets percolation pond meets water over flow device, not a lake. There weren’t many houses, recreation activities or much else – but that sure has changed. And, despite the re-branding – I think changed for the better!

We started in downtown Los Gatos (at a baseball field aptly named "Balzer Field" and ran up the hill to the dam proper. My sister and my girl took a bit more time up the hill (which made me remember the time I passed a cyclist here in Seattle, on the way up a hill. I’d meant to let her know, as I passed, that it was just because she was carrying a bike up the hill, and I wasn’t – but what came out was "I’m not as heavy as you!" I stopped and apologized, naturally.

In any case – the "lake" loops up and around the reservoir, and near the end swoops back down toward the finish – provided, of course, that you know NOT to get in HWY 17 – and comes screaming back down hill towards Los Gatos.

It was terrific – my longest run of the year, with great company, and then home for lunch with my mom and my girl to finish. Hard to beat!


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