So Does The Right Tool

Last time I wrote, I was thinking about how practice matters – that’s been true for me with music and running and almost anything else I’ve learned to do in a decent fashion. Along the way, though, I’ve also learned that using the right tools matters, too.

At work, I’m in the midst of incorporating an Outlook plugin that helps manage day to day tasks – it’s called Getting Things Done – and it is already helping. For instance – it helps me keep track of the stuff of the stuff for which I’m waiting – you know – I ask someone for an estimate and think that my request will get an answer. (My team is great – usually – it does!) On rare occasion though – I forget that I’m waiting until I’ve missed a deadline – and the tool helps.

At home – I’m using a Kitchen Aid. Don’t laugh – it’s like the Henry Ford Model A – it drives, it cuts wood, and it grinds your coffee. (The Model A, not the Kitchen Aid). Our Kitchen Aid mixes (dough for bread and pizza and pasta included) grinds meat, rolls pasta and juices limes for cocktails. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good, too.

So – here’s the take-away – find the tools you need and you’ll enjoy the wrap-around – knowing you have a good tool, and knowing that it adds value!


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