Practice Matters

I’ve been rock climbing a bit more lately – and I’ve also just taken on some additional responsibility at work – and I’ve noticed a couple of things that make a difference:

  • Practice DOES count. So does repetition – assuming I’m not making huge mistakes – frequency can be your friend. At the climbing gym, I noticed that my forearms don’t tire so easily – and that’s because I’m balancing better, using my feet better (just a little) and because I’ve learned how to rest when I’m climbing. At work – just following the two minute rule makes a difference.
  • Trying counts, too. At work – being forthcoming with my customers and being up front about what I know almost always turns out right. At the gym – asking for help and tips, and trying new things when the old ones don’t work – well – that counts, too.

So – maybe I need a little more time at the climbing gym and a little more time with my new work!


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