One week in . . .

I started new work at NPower Seattle last week – or – maybe I should say – similar work with more responsibility. I like it – and I like it even more this week!

I remember when I first started – I sort of felt like an idiot – I didn’t understand a lot of the terminology or the technology, although I understood a lot. And I didn’t know a lot of our nonprofit customers, despite my lifelong engagement in the nonprofit sector. But after a week or two – I felt like I had a better handle on what was going on – and then – WHAM! I hit one of those days when I realized I had just learned all of the easy things – and that there was a LOT more to learn.

I bet that will happen with my new work, too – that I’ll get a week or two or three in – and will have the urge to say to myself "shaw – you’ve got this dialed in" when in fact – I’ll just have a BIT of it dialed in!

In any case – it was a good week – I was able to meet with all of my team members, we made good progress on all of our projects – and I didn’t work a gazillion hours, either. And now it is a three day weekend – so – the world is my oyster!


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