Wow! That Was a Gig!

My buddy Joe and I finally had a chance to play a little music together lately – what a treat. Joe and I have been friends and musical partners for a long time, off and on. Everything from church music to screaming rock and roll, and all stops in between. Right now, Joe has a current gig at a restaurant in Kirkland, WA  – playing at a piano bar. You know – a big glass top over the piano so you can belly up to it and have dinner and a drink and be right up close to the piano player.

Joe and I started at 8:30, to a modest sized  crew. It was Cheers-ish – everyone did seem to know each other. We played a set of music – most of which both of us knew, but some of which I had to figure out as we went, with Joe calling chord changes when needed – very fun. We took a break – and the crowd took a turn!

It started with the biker that was a little chapped that I’d "touched his leather". He was huge – and I couldn’t really tell if he was goofing or not. Plus, he was sitting next to my girl (before I "moved his leather") and I wasn’t going to let him get away with that. I did fear a bit for my good looks – but then Joe called us back to the piano – and the biker guy realized that I was part of the talent, and relaxed – or I realized he was just busting my chops.

And then the other fun started – some twenty-somethings with spending money to burn and some great stories between them, a guy having a bunch of drinks and waiting for his daughter to get off work to drive him home, some hotties that might have had a few "hot" parts that weren’t there when they first hit puberty, some making up of some music as we went along – it was a blast. And crazy. And fun – so – I hope that we get to do it again!


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