A 10a Comes Next

What do you do after a perfect ten? How about a 10-a?! Although that might sound a bit like "my amp goes to eleven" what it really designates the difficulty of a particular rock climbing route.

It seems appropriate that after a terrific ten mile run, that I’d head to the gym for some climbing – and after a few warmup climbs – I tacked a pair of 10-a’s in a row.

I fared pretty well – rock climbing is a sport to which I’m moderately well suited – you can’t really be good at it with muscle or endurance alone – although they help. Technique matters a lot – and while I’m not a natural climber – I can pay attention. Being skinny helps, too – so – balance, pivot point, relaxation – all of those things add up – and if they don’t – you find yourself clinging to a wall by your fingers – not a great way to maximize your effort!

In any case – it was a good day – I managed both of those climbs in under 3 minutes (I’ve noticed that if it takes longer than that – I’m probably missing something) and without falling or having to cheat – not a bad way to follow up a perfect 10!


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