A Perfect Ten

Miles, that is. And my first from home. I moved to a new neighborhood more than a year ago, and while I’ve run several half marathons since then, and an 8k, and have kept up my running (okay – I’ve kept running – am just not clocking 40 mile weeks any more – but hope to again!) – but haven’t managed a long run, door to door.
It’s funny  – becauseat my old apartment – it was all downhill to start, and all uphill coming home. And at my new place – it’s about the same. It’ a tad steeper, I think, from my new place – but not that much steeper. The big difference is that my old place was my old place for more than 10 years – so every run was familiar. I probably ran 5,000 miles while I lived there – so it was hard to discover a new run that started and ended at the same spot.
Here – since I’m on a ridge – my options are a bit more limited – so I’ve been reluctant to head out for that long run, not knowing for sure where I was going, how I’d get back, and how long it would take (It doesn’t help that I have two lakes and two highways to navigate – if I’m careless – I’ll gain all of the altitude, and then drop back down because I can’t cross the highway!
But today – it was a perfect day for a run. Home made pizza the night before, a crisp sunny 35 degrees when I left, and a lunch date with an old friend to keep me moving along – and move along I did. I popped down the hill to the Burke-Gilman trail, ran the flats for about 7 miles, and then made the climb back home. It wasn’t as tough as I’d thought – I took it easy on the way down (an 8 minute pace), ran a 7.30 pace along the flats, and ran about 8’s on the way back up.
I’ve run 10 miles about 60 times since I started keeping an electronic journal, from a slower run with friends (10.29 pace) to a speedy 6.31 race where I was out to get my running revenge on 5 high school kids who consistently waxed me at the track. So today’s 7.45 pace falls just about in the middle – not too fast, not too slow – a perfect 10!


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