A Little Spare Change

I suppose that if I had to settle on if I enjoy change or if I don’t – I’d have to settle on neither! The truth is – the actual changing part isn’t so much fun – but generally the stuff that comes after, at the other end – that’s pretty good.
This last little while for me has been one series of changes after the other – and just about when I feel like I’ve assimilated the newest change – something new comes along to rattle my cage a bit, to let me know that the game isn’t over until that lady sings the last note, if you get what I mean.
In hindsight – it’s a lot easier to digest. When it’s happening – well – sometimes it’s hard to know that it is happening.
When I moved in with my girl – that was a lot of change all at the same time – leaving my apartment after a long time, donating most of my things (I kept the music stuff!) and so on – that was surprisingly easy. Getting used to a new commute, a new grocery store, sharing living space all of the time – those took a little more time.
And when my dad passed away – there was a lot all at once, too – there were the easier changes of before and after, and the planning for a service, having a service, and then – the after. It was the after part that was harder than I expected – the free time from not doing tech support for dad, talking to mom and not getting a phone hand off and so on.
Turning 43 was pretty easy, too – again -there was the day when I was 42, and then I was 43 – that seems pretty easy. But then the change of that – hmm – running that race more slowly this year, having to warm up before I go out to rake leaves (okay, that’s not true – I borrowed that from a real life neighbor – but you get what I mean) – the change goes on. And after awhile (just like writing 2007 instead of 2007, I’m 43, I have a new address that includes a terrific girl and a black dog, and a new commute and a new place to look for crisp apples. And dad doesn’t answer the phone and so it goes.
I’ve got another one right now – some additional responsibility at work. I’m excited about it – it means that I’ll be able to help the local nonprofit community be a bit better. Mostly, it means I’ll get to help my team do that – they’ll do all of the heavy lifting. I’m looking forward to the work and the new – but also thinking about what that change will look like this next little while. I don’t know yet, exactly what it will look like. Hopefully, not more hours, just better planned ones -but we shall see.
In the meantime – I also keep track of the stuff that doesn’t change. I run about 20-30 miles a week (10 on a hard week). I play my guitar when I can, mostly because it makes me happy. I read a lot. I meet friends for pints and for coffee, I sip scotch, I catch up with my friends – and while there is change in all of those things – some of the essence of them don’t change much at all.
So I’ll see you at the next 10k, at the next Scotch Club, on my way to work, or on my way home. Or online – send a note to let me know how it is with you!

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