Cold Weather Run

Frank and I ran from his office to his house today, a nice 10.5 mile run (would have been 11, but we elected for a cool-down for the last half mile – neither one of us has been clocking double digits lately).
And while we saw a few people out running in Frank’s neighborhood before we left for the Eastside – we didn’t see another runner until mile 9.5 or so. No runners in Bellevue. No runners in Mercer Island. No runners near Seward Park.
So – to be fair – it was a holiday for some – but still – I wasn’t expecting that. Sure – it was cold – below freezing when we started – but it was sunny, and, if you kept your wits about you and were careful on the ice – safe. After several days of bad weather, the end of football season for the Seahawks – I would have expected to see a lot more people out there, making good on their new years intentions.
When I think about it, though – I only have one other friend for whom running is a regular activity. (Sure, I have friends that run once in a while – but not that run because they love it, because it is their favorite way to exercise, get out and about and those sorts of things. They ride bikes, or they rock climb, or they surf). I seem to be in an odd category – most of my friends exercise in one form or the other – but they cherry pick. And while I totally understand – I also think they are missing something. Heading out in bad weather, when you don’t want to (at first!) when everyone tells you that you’re crazy, when you’re heading out because you want to, and because you need to, and because maybe, just maybe, you have a bigger plan, like for a race, or just because you told yourself that if you could get that run in – then the rest of the world wouldn’t be quite so challenging – I think – that’s what people are missing.

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