Let’s Run The Numbers

I love keeping track of things – maybe it’s because I earned so poorly right out of college that I was balancing my checkbook every day to make sure I didn’t bounce anything. Or maybe it’s because I helped a pair of struggling nonprofits manage their finances. Either way – keeping track makes me happy – and when I keep track of running – even better!

2006 wasn’t a great year for running, but did have its highlights:

  • I ran more than 700 miles
  • I hit the weight room for more than 26 hours
  • I cycled 130 miles (most to and from work)

 All of those are better than in 2005 – but when I sneak back to 2004:

  • I ran 1,600 miles
  • I lifted weights for more than 26 hours
  • I cycled for almost 400 miles!

 Wow – that’s quite a spread! I’m hoping to get a bit more exercise in 2007, and run a few more races than in 2006. There might be a marathon on my horizon – but we’ll see.

In the meantime – I DID have some good races in 2006, including a terrific time at the Mountains to Sound Relay (with teammates Frank, Leen, Joe and Whit, and the able support of Puja, Suzanne and Olivia), a half marathon with my friend Greg, the annual Super Jock and Jill Half Marathon, the annual Beat the Bridge Race, and a final half marathon in Victoria. My speediest race was the shortest (a 6.27/mile pace) and the slowest was during the relay – it was 100 degrees that day, slowing me to an 8.03/mile pace – but even running more slowly hurt!

So – here’s to 2007, a few more miles in the saddle and on my feet, with some weight training and rock climbing all thrown in!


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